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Webinar DEV (W13) 01/09/2020 "Migrating ILE RPG Apps to GIT" – Liam Allan- ONLiNE DAYS 2020

Last Updated on 29 August 2020 by Roberto De Pedrini


Liam Allan – Software developer – Speaker – IBM Champion


After understanding Git Workflow and Objects in Liam Allan’s previous Webinar “Intro to Git” last week, let’s see in practice how we can migrate our ILE RPG applications to GIT to ensure safer code change control and get started to introduce the concepts of CI / CD in RPG development laboratories (perhaps also using other ALM systems for complete control of the application development cycle).

If you have followed the previous webinars (from “ILEditor 2″ to “Intro to Git”) you will have already appreciated Liam and his approach to RPG development which is very close to what we see in the world of Open Source, both as tools and as own development modality.

Date: Tuesday 1 September 5.00 pm

I remind you that on Tuesday 1 September we begin to distinguish Training tickets from Free ones and all Premium contents (technical webinars for developers and systems engineers in the IBM i environment) will be available both live and on-demand only to holders of the paid Training ticket .

Buy your ticket now to not miss this great opportunity for personal and professional training. Enter the fair and wander around the stands to discover the promotion we have made available for the Training ticket!

We are waiting for you, Tuesday 1st September at 17.00.

Direct registration on GotoWebinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2008281487142200592

or passing by the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 fair: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-attendance/

If you want to see the rich webinar calendar of ONLiNE DAYS 2020, look here: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-program/

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