04 - System Administration (EN)04g - System Admin miscellanea

Transferring objects with ObjectConnect and Enterprise Extender

It is often necessary to transfer objects from one system to another (files, programs, etc.) to align software (between systems in HA, for example) or to distribute it (between development, testing, and production systems). Usually, this activity is accomplished by transferring save files via FTP, but it is also possible to use the “old” ObjectConnect with the Enterprise Extender support. Let’s see how.
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04 - System Administration (EN)04b - Backup (EN)04g - System Admin miscellanea

Avoid automatic startup of the controlling subsystem at the end of save entire system option on operating systems older than IBM i V7R4

After many years and numerous versions of the operating system, in the V7R4 version of IBM i, IBM has finally introduced in option 21 of the SAVE menu the “Start controlling subsystem” option to decide whether or not to start the controlling subsystem at the end of the save operation. With a little effort, we can do the same on previous operating system versions as well.
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