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Power10 has arrived in the IBM Power family


Last Updated on 22 September 2021 by Roberto De Pedrini

The new Power10 processor was recently announced and joins the IBM Power family with the IBM Power E1080 model (8-Sep-2021).


The keyword of this announcement is “ Engineered for agility “.

The video spot: https://mediacenter.ibm.com/id/1_dpyf4i04 .

Let’s start from the Power10 home page https://www.ibm.com/it-it/it-infrastructure/power/power10 and we also explore other resources to learn more about the features of this new hardware.

  • Nigel Griffiths tells us about “10 Top Facts and Highlights” of IBM Power10 E1080: https://youtu.be/XEvG1ahCWio .
    1) CPU Performance up 57% 2) Memory bandwidth up 80% 3) SMP fabric up 28% 4) How – 7nm and 18 B transistors 5) How – Memory OMI with RAM encryption 6) How – Aiming for 16 core but selling 15 core for great yields 7) Lower prices than POWER9 8) Investment protection with POWER9 & Power10 PEP2.0 pools 9) Green and sustainable – yes and yes 10) Advanced Functions – many
Power E1080
IBM Power E1080

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