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 ONLiNE DAYS 2020 Event – Registration open!

Last Updated on 20 August 2020 by Roberto De Pedrini

We have opened registrations for the ONLiNE DAYS 2020, perhaps the biggest IBM i Faq400 event ever made … certainly the longest … with 100 days of the event, almost one hundred educational-inspirational-strategic Webinars, 4000 virtual square meters of Expo area with important exhibitors from Italy and around the world.

A virtual event that will make you live the experience of the physical event, in a 3D (virtual reality) setting, with a plenary room where you can follow the rich calendar of Webinars and discover a large Expo area with stands and desks of exhibitors/sponsors who have believed in this project, this new way to present their solutions to customers and prospects.

There are no excuses this year, no distance, no time constraints (webinars will be visible in live-streaming and on-demand in the following days), three months of time to visit the fair and its contents, for technicians, developers, system integrators, CIO, IT Manager and C-Level.

Until August 31st, free access to all contents, even technical and professional ones: sign up now, choose your Free-Ticket ticket, take part in the Keynote of July 21st (5.00 pm, with Alison Butterill and Steve Will), follow the webinars of July and August and then consider whether to buy a Learning ticket to access all contents (also on-demand) until October 31st.

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ONLiNE DAYS 2020 cancels distances… safely and securelyTranslated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)



Opening Session & Keynote
Tuesday 21 July, 5.00 p.m.

Appointment at 17.00 (5.00 PM CEST) on Tuesday 21 July for the Event Opening Session & Keynote.
We will open the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 we of Faq400 together with IBM and IBM Italia, with the special participation of Alison Butterill (Worldwide IBM i Offering Manager) and Steve Will (Chief Architect, IBM i): an important moment for the whole IBM i International Community, not only for Italy.

We are waiting for you all for the inauguration of the event, end customers and industry operators, technicians, managers, CIO and CEO.

An opportunity to better discover the agenda and the format of the event and to understand, with IBM, the future of a platform that is constantly innovating and surprising, always keeping faith with the undisputed concepts of security and reliability that have made the success in the years of AS400 before and IBM i after.

Add to Calendar – 21 July 17.00 ONLiNE DAYS 2020 – Opening Session & Keynote


The agenda of the event and
technical and educational speakers!

This time we really wanted to exaggerate, in the number and quality of the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 speakers, with a list of experts in different areas of IBM i: application development, database, sys-admin, security, open source and much more.

I don’t want to list them all here in this email … they are really a lot:
Lose yourself in the event agenda too!
there’s something for everyone!
Here are the appointments for the first two weeks of the event … what do you say … is that enough for a taste?

  • Tuesday 21 July, 17.00 – ONLiNE DAYS 2020 – Opening Session & Keynote
  • Tuesday 28th July, 5.00 p.m. – Marco Riva – IBM i … services at your service – We use DB2 for the best service…
  • Thursday 30 July, 5.00 pm – Giampiero Fontana – IBM i Web Application … with Python and Flask framework (Open Source)
  • Tuesday, August 04, 5pm – Liam Allan – A web IDE for IBMi ILE RPG Developers (and GIT Integration) (ENG)
  • Thursday, August 06, 17.00 – Dario C. Schianca – IBM i and Microservices – New application development concepts

What are you doing? You’re not signing up?


CIO & IT Manager & C-Level

In addition to a rich agenda of technical content for developers and system builders we have created a special section of the evemto at C-Levels (every Wednesday of September and October!), with a special focus on CIOs and IT Managers.
With professionals in the sector and in collaboration with specialized associations we have put together a respectable agenda… that will be enriched with new content and professionals coming soon.

From Public Speaking for managers (and not only!) (Massimiliano Cavallo) to project management (also not IT) with Scrum and Agile (Alessandro Fabris), from the transformation from Responsabii to Leader (Maurizio Galbani) to the transformation of companies into communities (Alessandro Guidi). We’ll talk about trust in the times of smart working (Daniele Salomoni), the concepts of RPA (Gianmaria Borgonovo), or Design Thinking and Digital Transformation (Fresche Solutions).

For dates and details I leave you to the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 Agenda.

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