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IBM DeveloperWorks Connections sunset

Last Updated on 4 November 2019 by Roberto De Pedrini

In a last week announcement, and as you can see in the banner on DeveloperWorks Connections sites ( https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/community/groups/service/html/allcommunities ), IBM has decided to close on 01 January 2020 all the sites that go under this platform.

Surely all of us over time have drawn from these sites valuable information and guides generally created by members of the IBM i international community: we are talking about respectable names of IBM and outside IBM, of content for IBM i and beyond. Closing the site could lead to losing an important number of important documents for the entire community.

Make your voice heard: Help us make IBM understand that DeveloperWorks Connetions is important.

We at Faq400 have done it, we believe that the contents of this platform should be maintained and that the entire DeveloperWorks Connections platform continues to survive and still allows content to be added. We went to this page (https://developer.ibm.com/code/dw-connections-sunset-support/) created specifically to make the community’s voice heard and we said our:

Some reference for this campaign for DeveloperWorks Connections:

--- Roberto De Pedrini Faq400.com
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