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IBM: change at the top with the new CEO Arvind Krishna

Last Updated on 8 February 2020 by Roberto De Pedrini

The IBM CEO Ginni Rometty, after about eight years of chairmanship, gives way to Arvind Krishna new CEO starting from April 2020 and to James Whitehurst (ex CEO of Red Hat) as Presidency of the Council of IBM administration.

Certainly a choice in line with IBM’s trend in recent years: Arvind Krishna, currently Senior Vice President of the IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software division, will push the IBM accelerator even more towards Cognitive and Cloud.

The support of James Whitehurst will further favor the spread of Open Source in the IBM world and the commitment of IBM itself.

The announcement of the new summits has already had positive effects on the stock exchange which in recent years has also seen difficult moments.

IBM’s commitment to the OpenPower Consortiun, investments in the Power10 and Power11 projects and the IBM i roadmap, however, give us hope for our beloved IBM i platform, which will necessarily have to approach the whole world of Cognitive and that of the Cloud.

We let you learn more about traditional newspapers:

Punto Informatico – IBM, change at the top: Arinvd Krishna new CEO

Il sole 24 ore: IBM, CEO Rometty leaves after 40 years, Krishna is the new head of the company

IT Jungle: What the new top brass at Big Blue means for IBM i

We can only wish good work to the new IBM leaders … and, please Arvind: remember IBM i!

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