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Webinar VENDOR (W98 Free) "Disrupting Traditional Views of the IBM i – Leveraging mobile, web services, open source, DevOps and the cloud" – (Rocket Software + Stratos)

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Andrew Finley, has over 25 years IT experience, gained working within various areas of the IBMi, covering ALM & DevOps, Technical Support, Middleware, Operations and Deployment. Having spent the last fifteen years as a Solutions Engineer for Rocket Software, Andrew will be able to share his many experiences from global customers across various industry sectors.

Gianni Oglietti: President and CEO, Stratos


Rocket® Software and STRATOS are proud to sponsor the “FAQ400 ONLiNE DAYS”, a virtual fair dedicated to the IBM i world.

We invite you to follow our online session entitled “Disrupting Traditional Views of the IBM i”, presented by Solutions Engineer Andrew Finley of Rocket Software and preceded by a short presentation of STRATOS.

During the session some topics of current interest will be discussed, such as:

  • IBM i between myths and real life; the main challenges of companies with their IBM i platforms.
  • What are the solutions and technologies available to support Customers in the processes of modernization and adoption of DevOps methodologies for IBM i systems
  • IBM i and the Cloud

We are waiting for you as our welcome guest on Friday 4th December at 11:00

How to leverage your existing IBM i capabilities and add new technology to create business value?

Learn how to disrupt the traditional views and myths of IBM i, and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities offered by new technologies, including mobile, web services, open source, DevOps and the cloud.

This session will enable you to:

1. Understand IBM i myths vs the reality and customer key challenges with their existing IBM i platform.

2. What tools & technologies are available to assist in modernization and DevOps of the IBM i.

3. Gain a high-level understanding of IBM i in the Cloud

It is a FREE webinar users can access with the “Free” ticket … don’t have a ticket yet? What are you waiting for ? go to https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-attendance/

Date: Friday 4th December 11.00 am

It is a Free webinar, available for all holders of the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 Free tickets: you can follow the Webinar live on the day and time indicated, also asking questions to the speaker, or on-demand, according to your own times.

Get your ticket now so you don’t miss this great opportunity.Enter the fair and wander around the stands to discover the solutions you need.

We are waiting for you!

Direct registration on GotoWebinar: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7735880550338685197

or passing by the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 fair: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-attendance/

If you want to see the rich webinar calendar of ONLiNE DAYS 2020, look here: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-program/

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