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Rational Rdi – Versions, Costs and Products Code (EN)

At Faq400, we are strong supporters of Rational Rdi, we truly believe that the introduction of tools like Rdi in your labs helps you produce better code, in less time and with different satisfaction from the developers themselves. Not to mention the fact that if we want to introduce young professionals into the company we can certainly not think of putting them in front of a fixed-track RPG code maintained with an editor such as the SEU… would surely run away within the first month of taking over!

So let’s try to get some clarity on product codes and costs of the same so that you can ask the right thing from your trusted IBM Business Partner.

Product code and descriptionWhat is itIndicative Price
(D0C5FLL) IBM Rational Developer for i RPG & COBOL Tools Authorized User License – SW Subscription & Support 12 MonthsThis is the classic Single-User license … installable on a single user’s PC and can be used indifferently on different IBMi or partitions. This for example is the license that we use as consultants … then we manage source and compile on our IBMi and that of our customersApproximately 1,000 euros per license with the SW Subscription (E08DBLL) to renew annually of about 200 Euros
(D0C5ILL) IBM Rational Developer for i RPG & COBOL Tools Floating User Single Install License – SW Subscription & Support 12 MonthsIn this case the license is “floating” … I can install it on different PCs but at the same time they can only use it for the number of licenses purchased.Approximately 1,800 with SW Subscription around 350 Euros/Year
(D0LJWLL) IBM Rational Developer for i RPG & COBOL Tools Floating User Single Install Initial Term License – SW Subscription & Support 12 MonthsThis license I really struggle to understand it … the first year you spend less … then you have to buy it back every year … unless you’re those fools who are going to ditch IBMi in the next 12 months believing you’re making a deal…. I absolutely don’t recommend it!About 850 euros … but then all the 850 sit-

More info also at this link: http://arbsol.com/what-you-need-to-know-licensing-ibm-rdi-rational-developer-for-i-rpg-cobol-tools/

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