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Rdi and Isphere (PCML Exception – Search Function)

Last Updated on 22 September 2021 by Roberto De Pedrini

Upgrading Rational Rdi to version I encountered a problem with the Isphere plugin … source search has stopped working.

Rdi users probably know the great plugin Isphere which offers numerous advantages and, among these, a really interesting “source file search”, with the possibility of searching for multiple strings in AND / OR or even in correspondence with the same line.

Well, installing Rational Rdi version, due to a Java cache problem, the Isphere source search stopped working … Help please!!

No problem, just follow the Midrange.com discussion groups to find that the problem can be solved in two ways … I tried the first one and it works!

Solution number 1: modify eclipse.ini file

Tip taken from Mike Hokings’ post: https://archive.midrange.com/wdsci-l/202109/msg00039.html

Edit the file “ eclipse.ini “in the Rational Rdi installation folder (in my case, for example, it was C: Program Files IBM SDP

Edit the ECLIPSE.INI file (with an editor like Notepad ++ in administrator mode), 
changing only this line: 

-Xshareclasses: name = IBMSDP_% u 

change it in this way: 

-Xshareclasses: none 

Save and restart Rational Rdi ... It should work!

Solution number 2: Disable or recreate the JVM chache

Still in the same Midrange.com thread there is a second possibility by disabling the Java share cache or something similar … but having solved with the above option I did not elaborate …

I leave you the link to the whole discussion if anyone wants to try the JVM cache route too: https://archive.midrange.com/wdsci-l/202109/msg00038.html



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