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Rational Developer for i – Rdi – FAQs and Tips (Part 2 – EN)


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This post is the continuation of part 1 of the “Rational Developer for i – Rdi – Cheats and FAQs (Part 1 – IT)”

Rdi-Faq011: Searching for sources in RSE Remote System Explorer of Rdi with Isphere

Perhaps not everyone knows the Isphere freeware plugin for Rational Rdi: a collection of really interesting utilities for those who work with Rdi created and made available to the community as freeware by Tools / 400 and Thomas Raddatz (thanks Thomas !!!).

Among the various interesting things about Isphere there is the possibility of doing a search in the sources much more advanced than the “native” search of Rdi:

A) We can search in the sources by putting more conditions in AND or in OR … something that was actually missing from research with Rdi. This search, like the native one of Rdi, can be done on a filter that also includes several SRCPF source files, perhaps in different libraries.

B) The search for the source files can also be done using the Regular Expressions which can help to make more complete searches:.

Let’s take an example with the search for the string “dcl-f employee”:

if we had sources with this instruction written in ways different … for example with spaces between dcl-f and employee … (for example “dcl-f employee”, “dcl-f employee”, “dcl-f employees” etc.),

we could use a regular expression to find all these sources … by entering the regular expression “” dcl-[ ]f + employee “or” dcl-f + employee “

C) The search for Isphere sources also has another interesting possibility: exporting the result of a search can be exported to an Excel file … which could be useful to make a checklist or to share the work in a team of developers in an important refactoring project.

Rdi-Faq012: Still Regular Expression for source search with iSphere

PI’ll take my cue from a Midrange.com post to weigh another example of string search using the regular-expression function of the “Isphere” search: let’s suppose we want to search all the sources that contain strings composed by an I (or an F) (small/capital), followed by a dot and at least one character after the dot… so yes “i.mod” or “f.mod” but no “i”. “:

Here the regular expression for that strings: [iIfF].[a-zA-Z]+

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