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Rational Rdi – Isphere Plugin Update 3.6.0.r

A new Isphere update was released a few days ago, the fantastic free Plugin for Rational Rdi, created by Tools / 400 (Thomas Raddats & C), which can not miss in every Rdi installation for its pluses that greatly facilitate the daily work of the RPG / Cobol developer.

Personally I find the Isphere source search really indispensable … I also talked about it in this post on our Faq400 Blog: https://blog.faq400.com/it/programmazione/rdi-faq-and-tips-part-2/ … but a lot of other new Isphere’s functions are great (message-files, data-queues and so on)

This Isphere update brings the following improvements, mainly collected from suggestions – user feedback.

List of new features and changes of 3.6.0.r:

  • Added pinable “Spooled Files” view along with menu option “Work With Spooled Files”, which is available from the context menu of
    an iSphere spooled file filter.
  • Added option to cancel loading journal entries to Journal Explorer view.
  • Added SQL WHERE editor to the “Job Log Explorer” view.
  • Refactored the Job Log Explorer to align the UI with the design of the Journal Explorer plug-in.
  • Enhanced the job log parser to understand the different IBM i date and time formats. See Job Log Explorer preferences.
  • Added option to cancel the copy operation of the “Copy Members” operation.
  • Improved performance of copying members between different IBM i systems.
  • Changed source file search and added attribute “Member type” to restrict the search to a certain member type.
  • Changed source file search dialog and made member list area resizable.
  • Changed result view of iSphere Source File Search to display the sort order in the column header of the members table.
  • Improved error checking of WHERE clauses when filtering journal entries.
  • Fixed iSphere Source File Search (regular expression option) to properly support locales (CCSIDs).
  • Fixed ErrorCompletingRequestException (Length is not valid), when receiving journal entries with a 16MB buffer.
  • Fixed error when parsing a job log when the time separator is a space.

Installing the update is very simple, follow the same Isphere installation procedure found on the original Isphere site itself: http://isphere.sourceforge.net/eclipse/rdi8.0/

If you like this great plugin and you want to support Thomas and his team for this great project (we, at Faq400, just did it!) you can give some bucks through this web site:

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