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RPG IV free cheatsheet

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The RPG “cheatsheet”

Many programming languages have one or more versions of the so-called “cheatsheet”. A document of a few pages, often only one that summarizes in a synthetic form the most important syntactic rules of the language. A sort of cheat sheet to keep handy as a reminder and brief reference guide to be consulted quickly while writing the code.

A quick way to remember for example data types and basic rules for defining variables, the syntax of cyclic or control structures, and so on.

Of course I know the concepts of programming and have written that particular code constructs before, but … at this very moment, I have a slip and don’t remember exactly the syntax. I may vaguely know that there is a function to manipulate a date field, but I don’t remember the exact name. Sure, I could go looking in the manual for the reference RPG or “googling” right away. But if I had a RPG cheat sheet that in a couple of schematic pages contains everything that in most cases I need when developing a program?

And – even better – if this were it interactive? What if from the name of the function, from the opcode you could click and immediately open the IBM manual page with the complete syntax? Or with another click to open a piece of code on GitHub with some example lines? Wouldn’t that be great?

I have searched and have not found it. Maybe it exists and it would be useful to share the information in the comments of this article if anyone is aware of such a document.
There is a document – now somewhat dated (2009) – by Bob Cozzi available at this link . But something more was needed.
So I thought it might be useful to produce a RPG IV free cheatsheet , because RPG is no less than other so-called “modern” languages. The RPG must also have its own cheat sheet.
I don’t know if the attempt I propose has achieved its purpose. I dubbed it RPG IV free cheatsheet v. 1.0 , because surely it can be improved and will follow the v. 1.1, 1.2 … both to complete any missing content and to improve conciseness, graphics and examples. The aim is to have a really useful document to keep there at your fingertips (or better by mouse) on your desktop.

RPG IV free cheatsheet is downloadable from this link .

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