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Webinar DEV (W09) 08/25/2020 "Intro to GIT" – Liam Allan- ONLiNE DAYS 2020


Liam Allan – Software developer – Speaker – IBM Champion


In this session, in English, Liam Allan, will talk about GIT for RPG / Cobol Developers, starting from the installation of the same through Yum and then seeing together the Git Workflow and its objects (repository, branch, etc.). We will also see the available git tools.

Learning Objectives:

How to install git via yum
How to create repo
sUnderstanding what git does under the cover
sConflict resolution between commit
sThe git workflo
wAvailable git tools

Date: Tuesday 25 August 5.00 pm Add to calendar

Even in the RPG and Cobol world, in the IBM i environment, regardless of the size of the company or software house, it becomes increasingly important to correctly manage the application development process, guaranteeing increasingly faster but managed releases, often synchronizing different teams of developers also on different languages (typical web front end and RPG or Cobol backend). The correct management of the versioning of the code can no longer be limited to the modification date of the line or to tricks to recognize the interventions of this or that developer.

In the Linux and Open Source world, GIT has had great success in managing the versioning of the code but also in managing the project with different team of developers.

Even the RPG or Cobol code can be managed with GIT by leaning the repository on an internal server or on the classic Github, Bitbucket etc.

In this Webinar Liam talks about GIT, how to install it, how to use it, how to manage the Git workflow with its steps.

The following week will follow a webinar dedicated specifically to the management of the code and RPG / Cobol projects with Git: concrete cases of use, possible free and non-free tools.

Will you be there?

We are waiting for you, Tuesday 25 August at 17.00.

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