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SYS Webinar (W10) 25/08/2020 "ARE Administration Runtime Expert" – Marco Riva – ONLiNE DAYS 2020


Marco Riva – Developer – Expert – IBM i Mentor – Blogger Faq400


In this Webinar, Marco Riva will present us how to install, configure and use the 5733ARE product, Administration Runtime Expert, a product initially used by IBM assistance services and then made available to everyone fre
e of charge. assistance and problem determination on IBM i allowing you to create an automatic and repeatable process to determi
ne what has changed in a system with respect to a working reference model (eg development – test – production environment).

Date: Tuesday 25 August 6.00 pm Add to calendar

System engineers and IBM i developers should know this excellent tool made available by IBM laboratories for free, I recommend you watch the Webinar and then judge for yourself whether it is worth installing it or not.

We are waiting for you, Tuesday 25 August 6.00 pm.

Direct registration on GotoWebinar: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7424038159737718539

or passing by the ONLiNE DAYS 2020 fair: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-attendance/

If you want to see the rich webinar calendar of ONLiNE DAYS 2020, look here: https://www.faq400events.com/a2020-online-days-program/

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