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SNTP – Quick Client Configuration

SNTP: What is it?

Simple Network Time Protocol is TCP that keeps a system’s time in sync. A SNTP server is a machine that provides the synchronization service to which several machines with the SNTP client are active can connect to fit the local time equal to the server time.

Configuring the SNTP client on IBM i

Log on with a class profile of .SECOFR.

Run the following command:

CHGNTPA RMTSYS('0.pool.ntp.org' '1.pool.ntp.org' '2.pool.ntp.org') AUTOSTART('YES) POLLITV(1440)

Every 1440 minutes (that is, every 24 hours), the SNTP client will check the 3 servers specified in the RMTSYS parameter for the local time with the remote time and, if necessary, adjust the time.

For more information about NTP servers, see the http://www.pool.ntp.org/en/ site.

To start the SNTP client immediately, run the command:


Time setting or adjustment activities are recorded in the log files in the /QIBM/USERDATA/OS400/TCPIP/NTP folder. The log files are called QTOT-yyyymmdd.

Example log:

SNTP QTOTNTP/QNTP/342627 Client Activity Logging 0:30:34.915
TCP9136 SNTP Client started.
TCP9146 You are using the xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx time server.
TCP9162 05/21/19 0:30:34.915 Remaining time to adjust 0.000 seconds.
TCP9116 UTC time of the NTP server 05/05/19 0:30:34.915 is 5/20/19 22:30:34.738.
TCP9117 The UTC time of the client clock 05/21/19 0:30:34.915 is 5/20/19 22:30:34.892.
TCP9119 Client Clock 05/21/19 0:30:34.915 Adapted : 1 (0 is unadapted, 1st adapted)

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