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2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey

Last Updated on 19 January 2020 by Roberto De Pedrini

The “2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey” was presented in recent days, the Help System survey which, for the past six years now, has revealed the mood, intentions and concerns of CIOs and decision makers in the IBM i Community on a global level (answers from more than 500 companies, from all countries and of all sizes).

Head over this link for the official survey:

“2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results”

or take some time for an interesting analysis in this webinar with Alison Butterill, Brandon Pederson, Tom Huntington, Timoty Prickett Morgan and Ian Jarman at the following link:

“2020 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results Revealed”

I try to summarize in an infographic and somewhere below, what in my opinion are the interesting things that emerge from the survey … I invite you to take a look at the webinar for a more in-depth analysis, made by those who have, surely, more voice than myself!

Survey at a glance (Infographic)

Survey at a Glance (Bullet Point)

  • More than 50% are at 7.3 … 7.4 is growing: but what we see is a market trend to follow the evolution of IBM i proposed by IBM.
  • In the top of the concerns of the IT Managers we always find Security, HA / DR, Application Modernizations and IBM i Skills … perhaps because they are processes that, in a sense, never end. For us at Faq400 these have been important results, the theme of “Application Modernization” involves us a lot in this period with the new services of “Faq400 Solution Selection” and the theme of IBM Skills between company training, training events and new E-Learning courses that we are preparing are a fundamental part of the Faq400 services.
  • Although RPG is always the master (88%!) As a language for IBM i, we see a development support with Open Source solutions and languages: Node.js, Python, Git and Apache.
  • We can see more than 50% of Rational Rdi owner but not everyone use it in the company: I would like to see the numbers of Italy: I don’t see so many Rational Rdi … the SEU is still the master here!
  • Interesting to see that more than 40% of companies with IBM i tend to have only one System Administrator and on average from 3 to 10 developers: not so far from the Italian reality with IBM i.
  • On average, the respondent has 1 or 2 IBM i with one or two partitions at home: there is also an increase in interest for additional partitions with Linux
  • The lion’s share of the survey is made by the USA (47%) with a nice share of Europeans (27%) growing
  • The security and reliability factor of the platform means that several companies in the Banking / Finance / Health / Insurance sector choose IBM i … even if in the survey Manufactoring represents the largest slice numerically.
  • We still have a nice “hard core” of people who come from S / 38 and S / 36 (more than 30% of respondents)

Undoubtedly interesting this survey which has now become the reference one for IBM i … thanks Help System!

--- Roberto De Pedrini Faq400.com
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